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Here at Bayliss Medical Lawyers part of Lawyers Inc.  A dedicated, highly-personal service for personal injury and medical negligence clients throughout the UK

How we work

Bayliss Medical Lawyers part of Lawyers Inc. represents people who have suffered life-changing injuries and who may need care 24/7.  We know that in such circumstances people can often find themselves under severe pressure – financially and sometimes emotionally.

The unswerving support of a sympathetic, caring legal professional can make all the difference: which is why our team are available for advice and assistance as and when required.

How we’re different

As well as providing a personal, caring service that you can trust, we have several specialisms that mark us out from other lawyers. The first is helping people suffering, often severely, from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) following an accident or as a result of medical treatment – an all too common occurrence, but its severe impact on sufferers is not always recognised.

Secondly, we help  clients who have been let down by their current or previous solicitors and who turn to us. to get their compensation claims back on track.

Anyone who has had their lives affected by negligence or injury can sometimes feel that the forces against them gaining redress are insurmountable. Our exceptional track record proves otherwise.


Peter has managed to obtain private treatment for me. He has also got me regular interim payments and money for alterations to my house needed due to my condition.



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